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Biocell Lac

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Main Features

  • BioCell LacLive yeast for inclusion in milk feed
  • Increases the number and activity of specific beneficial bacteria
  • Competes with pathogenic organisms and prevents their growth
  • Available in 5kg plastic tubs – 1000 treatments, enough to treat 24 calves for 6 weeks
  • Biocell Lac is also available with a natural coccidiostat

Main Benefits

  • Dry matter intake increased
  • Liveweight gain is increased
  • Effects of E.Coli are reduced
  • Mortality is reduced
  • Feed efficiency is improved
  • Weaning weight is increased

How Durapak Biocell LAC Works

Biocell Lac has been developed specifically for daily mixing into liquid milk or milk replacer. The Live Yeast is incorporated into a lactose base for palatability and easy mixing. Biocell Lac increases the number and activity of specific beneficial bacteria and competes with pathogenic organisms for adhesion sites on the intestinal gut wall. Briefly, Biocell Lac reduces digestive problems by preventing the growth of pathogenic agents in calves and also in lambs.


Biocell is packed in 5kg plastic tubs. 1,000 treatments - enough to rear 24 calves for 6 weeks. Biocell Lac is also available with a natural coccidiostat.
It is recommended to store Biocell Lac in a cool, dry place. The product is non-hazardous and safe.

Feeding Rates

Calves: 5g per calf per day (or 2 x 2.5g twice a day if preferred )
Lambs: 2g per lamb per day

Biocell Lac can be included in all diets and will mix easily into all types of milk. This included fresh cows milk, warm / cold powdered milk, also in automatic or bucket feed systems.

Biocell Lac is also available with a naturally occuring coccidiostat called Immuno-Herb. This can be used in farms where coccidiosis has been a problem in the past. The feeding rates have doubled the standard product rates.


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