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Cubicle Mats

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Main Features

  • Durapak Individual cubicle matsEVA type mats
  • Two sided pattern
  • Range of sizes and thicknesses
  • Non absorbent
  • Non slip
  • No fillers

Main Benefits

  • Cubicle MatsHigher Occupancy
  • Soft, Warm & Comfortable
    Using modern computerised equipment Durapak Mats are manufactured using EVA compounds which are blown to produce a mat which is soft, warm and has outstanding comfort characteristics.
  • Flexibility to 'turn' mats
    Allows flexibility in 'facing' either side of the mat upwards. 'Turning' mats extends the lifetime of the mat and the two-sided pattern allows for this flexibility while still maintaining the non-slip characteristics.
  • Thicker mats lead to increased comfort
  • Increased Yields & reduced veterinary costs
    When livestock are warm and comfortable they perform better. With the cushioned effect of the Durapak Mats, you will find a reduction in solar ulcers resulting in a drop of veterinary bills.

Cublicle MatsWhy Durapak Cubicle Mats?

Durapak Cubicle Mats are made from Ethyl-Vinyl-Acetate (EVA) which is a non-porous polymer providing a soft, warm, comfortable cubicle mat for all livestock including cows, weanlings, pigs and horses. All animals spend more time lying in cubicles without mats. Independent researchers working with cows have discovered that cows spent more time in cubicles which contained mats. It was found that cubicles with mats were re-occupied very quickly after a cow had left. This meant that a cubicle with mats was used over four times each night compared to twice for the cubicles without mats.

Cublicle MatsSpecifications for Durapak Mats

Thickness 18-20mm
Munster Mat 104cm x 170cm (3'5" x 5'7") approx.
Thickness 20-22cm
Duramat 2010 109cm x 180cm (3'7" x 6")
Duramat 2010 114cm x 180cm (3'9" x 6")
Duramat 2010 120cm x 180cm (3'11" x 6' )
Thickness 30mm
Link Mat 4 sided 117cm x 180cm (3'10" x 6')
Link Mat 2 sided 117cm x 180cm (3'10" x 6')
Jumbo Mat 114cm x 180cm (3'9" x 6')

Cublicle Mats


Cublicle Mats

Durapak Agri supply a large range of mat sizes and thickness to suit your particular needs. Mats can be cut to suit size or cubicle. Mat fixings also supplied.

Fixings include:
Galvanised Plate; Zinc coated coach screw; Plug.

Plate Dimensions:
150mm Long / 50mm Wide / 9.5mm Deep

Cubicle Mats


Also Available - Rubber Mats

Rubber MatsRubber Mats - Main Features

  • Made from natural rubber
  • Interlocking
  • Heavy
  • Size 3'9" x 6'

Rubber Mats - Main Benefits

  • Does not spread
  • Easy to install
  • Economy option

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