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Silicone Milk Tubing

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Main Benefits

  • Long Life - It is tough, strong and flexible. It retains its physical properties -80° C to +180° (-112°F to +356°F).
  • No cracking / perishing - It does not erode when chemical sterilisers or milk stone remover are used, and it is not affected by ultraviolet light.
  • Easily Cleaned - Smooth surfaces are easily hosed down which saves time.
  • Does not support bacterial growth - It helps eliminate your milk tubes as a source of bacterial contamination. Silicone is used in surgical and food processes- rubber is not.
  • Well proven and tested - Dynamic tests have shown improved milk flow and increased plant efficiency.
  • Easier and faster fitting - No pre heating required.
  • Versatile - Sizes available to suit all milk/vacuum/transfer tubes etc. Fits all types of parlour.
  • No Leachable Additives - only the highest grade, pure silicone materials are used in our manufacturing processes, resulting in clear tube which does not go cloudy like plastic, allowing milk flow to be observed.
  • Cost-effective - Will save you money and time.


Milk Tubing Measurements:

14 mm × 24mm
Main milk tube from the jar to the cluster. This size tends to fit the older style and those with the metal milk outflow pipes
16 mm × 26mm
Main milk tube from the jar to the cluster. This size tends to fit the more modern style cluster with the larger milk overflow pipes.
19 mm × 29mm
22 mm × 34 mm
Designed for use beyond the jar to connect up with the main transfer tubing. This tubing can be used successfully 'around bends' without cracking, perishing, or kinking, (can save the need to but expensive moulded angles in many cases).