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Magnapak Protected Fat

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Main Features

  • Bypass fat for inclusion in dairy cow diets
  • Very high energy density
  • ME 30mj/kg as fed
  • Unaffected by temperature changes
  • Free flowing

Main Benefits

  • Leads to better individual cow and general herd health
  • Helps to reduce excessive bodyweight losses after calving
  • Leads to flatter lactation curves
  • Increased milk yield and herd health, leading to overall better herd performance.

What Is Magnapak Protected Fat? Magnapak is a combination of fatty acids and calcium which are bound or joined together to form a salt. Magnapak passes intact through the rumen (6.2pH) and on reaching the more acidic conditions of the fourth stomach or abomasum (2.0pH), the bond is broken and the energy and calcium are made available for the normal process of digestion.

Magnapak is a protected fat which can be used as part of a balanced diet to increase the energy intake of dairy cows.

Magnapak is a highly digestible energy source with a calculated ME of 30 MJ / Kg as fed

Extra Energy supplied in the form of Magnapak helps to avoid such problems as poor fertility and acidosis.

The use of Magnapak can result in an increased yield of butterfat & milk protein when fed as part of a balanced diet.

Extra Energy helps to maintain high yields and a Flatter lactation curve.

Fat 84%
Ash 11% (9% calcium)
Moisture 5%
Protein 0%
Fibre 0%
M E 30MJ/KG as Fed
Fatty Acid Profile
Myristic Acid (C14) 1.5%
Ash 11% (9% calcium)
Palmitic Acid (C16) 44.0%
Stearic Acid (C18) 5.0%
Oleic Acid (C18:1) 40.0%
Linoleic Acid (C18:2) 9.5%